NHCS Objectives
Nanaimo Hindu Cultural Society (NHCS) is a registered cultural society with the following prime objectives:
  • Build and maintain a place of worship for the Hindu community.
  • Educate children and youth in cultural heritage.
  • Organize spiritual interaction among members through celebration of festivals.
  • Promote multicultural unity and amity according to law of Canada.
  • Develop an infrastructure for promoting and encouraging cultural, spiritual and community service activities.

NHCS History
In October 2002 around 10 families got together at someone’s house and celebrated Diwali together. This was the beginning of what would ultimately be known as Nanaimo Hindu Cultural Society (NHCS). From there on in, we started getting together on all major festivals at someone’s house and celebrating our culture.
As time passed and more and more families started to come out, it was felt that we should be now looking for a larger space and from 2004 onward we have been celebrating our festivals like Diwali, Navratra’s and Holi together. With the active participation of members, it was felt to get the society registered with Registrar of Societies in the province of British Columbia.
On June 20th 2006, NHCS was registered with the province of British Columbia
(ID#: S-51036). NHCS also worked with Canada Revenue Agency and as of October 26th, 2007 got the status of a Charitable Organization.Our tax-exemption ID/Business# is 84406 6563 RR0001.
In the beginning NHCS members started to get together for prayer once a month at Malaspina University College auditorium an; however, due to the lack of space members wanted the place of worship in the city centre with lot of parking space. NHCS rented a hall at Oliver Woods Community Centre from city of Nanaimo. Our members meet here from 6:00 to 10:00PM every second Saturday of each month. After the prayer we have a potluck and various other events.
With the growing demand from members, NHCS board has decided to celebrate 10 festivals around the year like Holi, Vaishaki, Canada day, Independence day, Navratra’s, Diwali and Christmas etc.
NHCS has been working with various reputed organizations like Nanaimo Downtown multicultural society, city of Nanaimo and other volunteer organization in order to further our goals towards doing active community service.
We are always looking to increase our membership base, and are thus constantly approaching businesses, and other institutions for donations that would help us to organize various events to educate kids about cultural hertiage and gather funds for place of worship in Nanaimo. The members at Annual General Meeting(AGM) elect the NHCS board. Every year, somewhere near June, NHCS conducts the AGM.
Past Presidents
  • 2005-2006 Subhadra Ghosh
  • 2006-2008 Pradeep Menon
  • 2008-2009 Ramash Madhvan
  • 2009-2010 Hari Krishan Sharma
  • 2010-* Ram Rayaprolu

NHCS appeals all communities for their help by donating money for building a place of worship and helping other volunteer organizations in the city. For more information call
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